Whether it's the Old Smokehouse or the new BBQ grill, it's the smoke that makes the flavor. And the SmokePistol makes the smoke! Consistent, controllable smoke for up to 4 hours on a single cartridge - and it fits onto any BBQ grill or food smoker.

Make smoke the easy way - no messy wood chips, no splinters, no messy ash, no opening th esmoker to add chips every few minutes - and no more standing y the smoker to make sure it is smoking. PLUS - it costs less than all those wood chips you'll be buying.

Cold smoke or hot smoke - The SmokePistol can do both! Cold smoke cheese or beef jerkey - hot smoke turkey, BBQ ribs, salmon. With the SmokePistol you can smoke from soup to nuts.... literally!

A great gift for the barbecuing master of your family.

Price: $49.99
Manufacturer:Bob's Victory Grille
Manufacturer SKU:PISTOL